Freedom of Choice

A couple of years ago, we did a wacky (I mean creative) YouTube video called “Page Plus Gives You the Freedom to Control Your Cell Phone Bill.” It was based (loosely) on the movie Braveheart – the actor was running around in blue and white face paint yelling “Freedom!”

The video got a whopping 1,600 views – hardly viral. But despite the lackluster performance of the video, the concept of “freedom” still applies to no-contract (prepaid) wireless service from Page Plus. In fact, with new wireless customers choosing no-contract service over contract service by a ratio of 10 to 1 (Entner), it’s more relevant than ever. Here are four reasons why:

1. No Contract: Of course, not having a two-year contract is the most obvious example of freedom. People are realizing in droves that they not only can have the freedom of not being stuck in a two-year contract, but that no-contract service is actually cheaper than postpaid! The last statistic I saw was that over 25% of U.S. wireless customers are now on no-contract service, and that percentage is growing by 23% a year. Of course that still pales to other countries (in Western Europe, for example, 70% of wireless customers are on prepaid), but the point is that the trend is growing rapidly here in the U.S.

2. Switching Plans: The ability to quickly and easily switch plans is another “freedom” you have with Page Plus. Since your service is month-to-month, if you find that your plan isn’t big enough for your usage this month, you can simply change to a higher plan next month. And even better, you can even customize your service plan if your usage happens to fall between two plans. All you have to do is carry an extra cash balance on your account to be used for “overages.” For example, if you run out of data a couple of days short of your renewal date, but you still have voice minutes and texts left, you can continue to use more data at the overage rate of your plan and just pay for it out of your cash balance.

3. Control Your Budget: One of the primary benefits of no-contract service is that you have the freedom to control your budget. Because the service is prepaid, it eliminates the possibility of “bill shock” – the surprise postpaid customers can get when they (or someone in their family) rack up a huge, unexpected bill. With prepaid, there is no bill. You use what you pay for. Of course there are a couple of ways to continue your service if you run out of something (minutes, texts or data) – you can add cash for overages, as described above, or simply renew your monthly plan early. No matter whose cell phone you’re paying for – your own, or your teenager’s or college student’s – YOU control your budget.

4. Phone Selection: Some companies only let you use their phones on their service. They don’t have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Or they’ll limit you to only use feature phones (not smartphones) on certain plans, or require you to pay for a data plan with certain smartphones. With Page Plus, you can use any of our phones on any of our plans. You can use any of the phones available directly from us or from our dealers, plus all the 3G CDMA phones that we’ve approved in the past. That’s freedom of choice!

So get out your blue and white face paint everybody, and celebrate YOUR freedom!

  1. Stephanie
    December 11th, 2013 at 07:06 | #1

    I love PagePlus, and I’m a very satisfied customer. PP is a huge deal, and I can’t believe so many of the people I know are on postpaid plans with Verizon when you get the SAME COVERAGE through PP! I only wish that number 4 in this list could get a little more attention — we need more phone options!

    There are message boards where people discuss which phones work without any modifications, which ones do not, and what to do for them. Oh, and they will warn you not to mention that you’re using a Verizon phone when you activate. When I got a Droid X2 (old phone but one confirmed by forums to work), I wanted to check with customer service to be sure it would work, but they could neither confirm nor deny. All I could get was this canned answer about it not being on the whitelist and therefore out of their hands.

    I just think it’s strange that a forum (Howard Forums) can basically list the Droid X2 as one that works with PagePlus, yet when I try to contact PagePlus about it, they can’t tell me anything. I just think that, if you’re going to have a BYOD program, you should be moving along with the times and not stuck to a list of phones no one wants! Obviously there are newer (well, newish) ones that do work, as confirmed by a LOT of people, so let’s add some of those!!

    This is just a small complaint, though, because I absolutely adore PagePlus and would not switch companies, even if I had to go back to a 90s Nokia. I’d just play a lot of Snake.

  2. Jason
    December 11th, 2013 at 10:30 | #2


  3. Jim
    December 14th, 2013 at 12:20 | #3

    I would like to use a Galaxy S4 with PagePlus. Is this possible?

  4. February 9th, 2014 at 22:52 | #4

    @Jim Yes, you can get a Sprint, US Cellular or Verizon Galaxy S4 flashed to PagePlus buy someone who knows how <———

  5. February 12th, 2014 at 07:58 | #5

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  6. David
    March 1st, 2014 at 18:15 | #6

    You can use that phone on Page Plus for sure. You just need to have the cell phone flashed.@Jim

  7. linda
    March 6th, 2014 at 17:50 | #7

    Do you use the iPhone five yet l would love to get one and I wish my phone service was better in the rural area. I don’t get good phone service where I live unless I stand outside….

  8. March 30th, 2014 at 16:06 | #9

    linda :
    Do you use the iPhone five yet l would love to get one and I wish my phone service was better in the rural area. I don’t get good phone service where I live unless I stand outside….


    Did Linda view the coverage area before purchase? I had Page Plus phones in the past and had excellent coverage in the rural area where I lived. I lived approximately 15-miles from the nearest phone tower. The only complaint that I had, at that time, was the fact that the $15 phone card did not last long. Otherwise, my phone was as good as any other major bran phone.

    After much research, I plan to obtain another Page Plus phone. This time I want a smartphone, because it is needed for my online class; and therefore, require several powerful capabilities to maintain my satisfaction. I plan to obtain the Huawei Ascend with the $69.00/month plan. I hope that I am not satisfied.

  9. July 15th, 2014 at 10:04 | #10

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  10. November 8th, 2014 at 23:16 | #11

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  11. November 12th, 2014 at 00:20 | #12

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