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How to Get More Data on Your Monthly Plan

Did you know you can get more data on your monthly plan? You can do so by adding Flex Data.

Flex Data is an extra cash balance on your account, added with a Standard Plan PIN of any denomination, which allows you to use more minutes, messages or data than your monthly plan provides.

Flex Data gives you peace of mind knowing you can get more minutes, messages or data for those occasional heavy usage months. Think of it as “customizing” your plan so it fits your usage perfectly. By adding Flex Data, you essentially create your own plan that gives you the amount of minutes, messages and data that you really need month-to-month.

Adding Flex Data is easy. All you have to do is add a Standard Plan PIN ($10, $25 or $50) to your current active monthly plan. While the Standard Plan can be used for pay-as-you-go service, it can also act as a cash balance on your account. Don’t worry – by adding a Standard Plan PIN to your monthly plan, you will not be switched to the Standard Plan. The only way to go to the Standard Plan from a monthly plan is to call customer service and request it.

Once added, you can now use extra minutes, messages or data at the overage rate listed on your plan. For instance, if the data overage rate on your monthly plan is $0.05 per MB and you add a $10 PIN, you can now use 200 more MBs on your plan. Remember, you can use Flex Data for extra minutes or messages too.

Another reason Flex Data is flexible is that it rolls over month-to-month. You can add Flex Data to your plan and continue to use it month-to-month until it runs out. Your Flex Data will rollover as long as you continue to renew your monthly plan.

To start enjoying the benefits of Flex Data, visit the plans page, purchase a Standard Plan PIN and add it to your account. Remember, to use a Standard Plan PIN for Flex Data, it must be added to an account with an active monthly plan already on it.

If you have any further questions, contact customer service at 1-800-550-2436.

4 Simple Tips to Protect Yourself From Mobile Theft

Did you know that over 113 cell phones are lost or stolen in the U.S. every minute? Losing your cell phone is like losing your credit card. With the amount of personal information stored on smartphones today, they’re just as important to protect as your purse or wallet. Follow these 4 simple tips to protect yourself from mobile theft:

  1. Lock your phone – Whether numerical or pattern based, having a pass code is the first step in stopping a thief from accessing your data.
  2. Be aware – If you’re traveling on a bus, in a coffee shop, grocery store or even at work, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and don’t leave your phone lying out of sight.
  3. Customize your device – There are a number of phone cases out there that can disguise your phone to be something unattractive to an onlooker. A good example is the silicone case designed to make your phone look like an old cassette tape.
  4. Store information on a cloud – Hard drives are becoming nearly non-existent these days. From Dropbox to Google Drive, there are plenty of free options to store your information so that a perpetrator can’t find access to it.

By following these tips, you should be able to prevent and/or prepare for mobile theft. To be even more prepared, download one of the many available phone locator apps. These apps allow the authorities to locate a stolen device. Not to mention, some of these apps will even snap a picture of the thief and send it to an online account when he/she attempts to unlock the device! We’re all susceptible to mobile theft, but with a level head, you can protect yourself from being victimized.