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Texas College Student Survives Fatal Texting-While-Driving Accident

In a recent post from the New York Daily News about texting and driving, Texas college student, Chance Bothe, was not only texting and driving, but had a creepy premonition that lead to his near-death experience.

Bothe was driving in January when he texted someone: “This is dumb,” and “If we keep doing this I’m going to wreck my truck, going to get in a car crash,” immediately before he drove his truck straight into a ravine. His truck’s engine landed on his lap. Luck or not, Bothe survived. Needless to say, he was left sustaining the following injuries: a broken neck, fractured skull, and traumatic brain injuries. He spent months not only recovering, but learning how to walk again. Now, Bothe plans to spread his story and teach people how dangerous texting and driving really is.

To emphasize on this point, a Car and Driver study claims that a driver’s reaction time while reading and responding to texts is much worse than while impaired with alcohol. All-in-all, texting and driving shows one has zero common sense. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Top 5 Free Android Games

Back to school is approaching very soon and many of you are going to need a few awesome Android based games to kill time in between classes. Here’s a top 5 list of games that you have to check out (and they’re free!):

City Jump – Free (Average rating: 4.4 of 5)
This game can easily kill hours of your time. In City Jump, you jump between buildings while avoiding obstacles, killing monsters and various other enemies along the way. Simple concept, addicting gameplay!

Download for Android

Temple Run – Free (Average rating: 4.6 of 5)
Remember when Indiana Jones was chased out of a temple by a huge boulder? Well, Temple Run has the same concept except you are running from evil demon monkeys who are not the slightest bit happy! This game has a simple swipe to control play in which you go left, right, jump or slide. You can collect power ups along the way to unlock features. What’s your high score?

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Draw Something – Free (Average rating: 4 of 5)
In this social-based game, you and a friend (or random pairing) take turns drawing pictures while the other guesses what it is a picture of. This is perfect for playing on the go. So, while you’re waiting for your next class, hop into Draw Something and kill some time.

Download for Android

Angry Birds Space – Free (Average rating: 4.6 of 5)
In the latest installment of ever so popular Angry Birds series, a giant claw kidnaps the Angry Birds’ eggs and takes them into space. This Angry Birds has all new birds, brand new superpowers and new puzzles that have zero gravity and light speed obliteration.

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Logos Quiz – Free (Average rating: 4.5 of 5)
Think you know your brands? Well, you’d be quite surprised! Logos Quiz is a guessing game in which you try to identify over 800 logos. With a total of 14 levels that get harder and harder, you will spend plenty of time trying make out every one of them. The best part is challenging your friends and seeing who knows the most.

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Page Plus Blog Post – Frequently Asked Questions – Part I

August 8th, 2012 8 comments
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On our website under the support tab you will find the answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions that we get.  We try to answer the most common questions here as well as offer you other convenient ways of support. We have online chat, Our Facebook Page and Twitter. We’d like to share some of the questions we have recently received from some of those platforms to further help answer the common questions:

Q:  I see you post lots of information on Twitter and Facebook. Some of it applies directly to consumers buying and using Page Plus products and services and some of it is industry related. What is your intent for doing this?

A: The intent is to share interesting, relevant information from the telecom industry. Of course not every post will appeal to everyone in the group, but if every post was a pitch for Page Plus, people would probably get turned off and lose interest. By all means, if you have things you think the group would benefit from, please share!


Q: What happens once I purchase a PIN from Page Plus Cellular?

A: If you purchased PINs from the Page Plus website, you would have received an email with the PINs listed. If you don’t see it in your in box, you can check your junk folder.


Q: What is the best way to find a Page Plus Cellular dealer in my area?

A: You can find a Page Plus Cellular dealer near you by using the Store Locator on the Page Plus Cellular website:


Q: How do I know if I am in an area covered by Page Plus Cellular’s network?

A: Page Plus operates on the largest network in the country, but it is possible that you are in a non-coverage area. When in doubt, you can check the coverage map online.


Q: I keep hearing about the term “flashing.” What exactly does that mean?

A: Flashing is reprogramming of a phone to make it work on another carrier (Example: Sprint to Page Plus). There are websites that will flash phones for you for a small fee and get your phone ready to activate on Page Plus (Just Google “Flash to Page Plus”). Once you do this, you can activate your phone on Page Plus and it will no longer be on it’s previous network.


Q: Will AT&T network phones work on Page Plus Cellular’s network like Verizon phones?

A: AT&T is a GSM network, so their phones will not work. On the other hand, Verizon is CDMA which will work no problem depending on the device. So, make sure the phone you want to activate on Page Plus is CDMA and is not a prepaid retail packaged device (Prepaid phone purchased from Wal Mart, Target, etc.)


Q: What Android devices work best on Page Plus Cellular’s network?

A: If you want to know what Android devices work best, check out this forum thread –


Q: How does one become a Page Plus Cellular dealer?

A: If you are interested in becoming a Page Plus dealer visit this page on the Page Plus Cellular website:



From Beepers to Smartphones: The Story of Page Plus

Page Plus Cellular then and nowBelieve it or not, Page Plus Cellular used to go by the name of Page Plus Communications and was easily recognized as the place in Toledo, Ohio to purchase a pager (commonly referred to as a beeper). That’s right, I said pager. Our expertise was solely in the pager business in the early 90’s and to be honest, we did well! Of course, technology advanced and we had to keep up with what our customers truly wanted. So, in 1998, we became Page Plus Cellular and started selling nationwide prepaid cell phone service to customers in Ohio and Michigan, but why stop there? In 2000, Page Plus expanded to launch prepaid cell phone service nationwide. Today, we stand as one of the most experienced and reliable prepaid wireless providers in the nation on one of the largest networks in the United States. Many other prepaid providers have come and gone over the years, but Page Plus stood strong with our low rates and exceptional service. When it comes to choosing a cell phone provider, you might as well go with the company who is always ahead of the curve and continually saving its customers money – Page Plus Cellular.