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A Page Plus Public Service Announcement: Practice Safe Texting (Walking)

May 28th, 2012 1 comment

Did you hear about the guy that nearly walked into a live bear while texting? Check it out –

As texting becomes more and more popular, the number of incidents caused by texting while walking is also rising. People who are too occupied with texting while walking are lending themselves to serious risk or injury. Let’s face it, technology can be a distraction.

Don’t believe it? Just find any crowded downtown metropolis and watch the mayhem. Look at how many people are looking down at their cell phones instead of forward. Still don’t believe it? As reported by an ABC news affiliate in South Bend, Indiana, Bonnie Miller fell six feet into a cold river connected to Lake Michigan as she tried to text and walk along a pier at the same time.

It’s pretty simple to understand that you can’t keep your eyes focused on two different places at once, such as your phone keyboard and where you’re walking. While safety and vigilance is suggested, there are ways to decrease risk for those who insist on walking and texting at the same time.

  1. Turn your phone camera into a walking guide - There are apps that use your cell phone’s camera as a forward viewer, showing what is in front of the walker, while texting on the phone. (Apps: Road SMS, Type N Walk, Walk Safe, Walk N Write)
  2. Use your voice to text – There are apps that will turn speech into text on your smart phone. A quick copy and paste from the transcript is safer than individual keystrokes typed into a mobile phone. (Apps: Dragon, ShoutOut, VoiceText).
  3. Walk with a “wing person” – Walking with a friend while texting allows your friend to be your set of eyes (assuming they too are not texting).

Of course, our best tip of all is to stop walking and texting all together. You can save yourself an injury or the injury of someone else by simply not walking, move out of the way and send a text. It sounds like common sense, but it’s not a common practice.

Just be aware and cautious. Accept the fact this is really happening and practice safe texting (or should we say practice safe walking?). You get the point.

Are you using any of these apps? What has been your experience walking while texting? Do you have a funny story related? What would you recommend to other Page Plus Cellular users?

More texting while walking incidents can be found here –

Top Four Reasons You Should Be Using a Prepaid Cell Phone

While we intend this blog to be a means for you to find news, learn and to stay up to date with the latest information related to Page Plus


and the industry, we do want to answer one of the questions that we often get – what are the benefits of a prepaid cell phone? Here you go:

Prepaid Benefit #1 – No Pesky Contracts

With prepaid, there is no such thing as a contract. You pay for what you want, when you need it and that’s why prepaid is so simple.

Prepaid Benefit #2 – Flexibility of Use

Are you someone who only needs a phone in case of emergencies? Or, are you the type of person who can’t go a minute without his phone and is constantly blasting out text messages? It doesn’t matter. Why? Because prepaid is for everyone. Whether you need a pay-as-you-go plan for minimal, emergency use, or a monthly plan with unlimited talk, text and a bucket of data to keep up with social networking, there’s a plan for you.

Prepaid Benefit #3 – Save Tons of Money

By switching to prepaid, you can save an incredible amount of money. Most often, you can save more than half of what you pay to receive postpaid services. Plus, you get more bang for your buck. Page Plus Cellular offers The 55 plan which includes unlimited talk, unlimited text and 1 GB of data usage for just $55 a month. For that amount of usage on a postpaid plan, you could potentially spend well over $100.

Prepaid Benefit #4 – No Bill Shock

Have you ever opened up your cell phone bill and immediately felt your blood boil with rage? You’re not alone. Just about everybody has experienced “bill shock” and it’s not exactly a fun time. Fortunately, prepaid eliminates “bill shock” completely. You pay ahead of time for what you want, so there isn’t even a bill. If you happen to need more than what you paid for, just add more money. It’s pretty easy to say the least.

There’s a New Trend in The Cell Phone World and It’s Catching The Nation By Storm

Isn’t it frustrating when your cell phone service provider locks you into a contract and throws away the key for two years? Wouldn’t it be nice to have freedom and control over what you pay for? Fortunately, there is an entirely new route you can take to find the freedom and control you are looking for, and that route is – prepaid cell phone service. In the beginning, prepaid was created for those who were credit challenged and denied service from traditional, postpaid cell phone service providers. Today, prepaid is no longer a fallback from rejection, but a leading decision. Many people are voluntarily making the switch. You may be asking yourself, “What makes prepaid better?” Well, there are many reasons.

First of all, contracts are non-existent with prepaid services. That’s right, you won’t be locked into a contract for two years forcing you to either pay the bill every month, or pay a monstrous fee for terminating your service early. With prepaid, life is simple. You pay for what you want, when you need it. In other words, you have the freedom to choose which services you want and have complete control of when you need them. Not to mention, prepaid is cheap!

Many people on postpaid pay as much as $80 plus taxes to get a small bucket of minutes, text messages and data usage. By switching to prepaid, people can cut their bills in half, literally! Page Plus Cellular offers a plan called Unlimited Talk n Text which includes unlimited talk, unlimited text and 100 MB of data usage for just $39.95. That’s less than half the cost of a postpaid plan that doesn’t even give you unlimited talk or text. On top of that, many prepaid companies provide the same nationwide coverage as postpaid.

Page Plus Cellular operates on one of the largest networks in the United States. Therefore, you get nationwide coverage at discounted rates. Still not convinced? I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced “bill shock” before.  You know, that moment when you open up your cell phone bill and suddenly freeze in terror when you realize the amount is through the roof. One of the best things about prepaid is that “bill shock” can’t happen. You pay ahead for the services you want, so there’s not even a bill. If you need more than what you paid for, just add more money to your account. It’s a simple concept and so many people are doing it.

People are switching to prepaid to be contract-free, save money, and get the coverage and service they need. Prepaid is the new trend and it’s catching the nation by storm. Using prepaid gives you ultimate control over your cell phone budget.

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